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Shoulder Saver Program

Are you having issues with sore, cranky shoulders? Maybe your shoulder is always feeling unstable, and you’re worried you might dislocate it? Or it’s impossible to reach overhead without grimacing in pain.
Maybe you’ve just got this pinching feeling in one of your shoulder blades that won’t go away, even after you’ve dug a lacrosse ball into it. You try to workout to stay in shape, but everything you do just pisses your shoulder off even more. You can’t bench press, push-ups don’t even feel good, so you just quit working out.
I’ve been there, and feel your frustration.
A cranky shoulder makes it near impossible to enjoy doing the things that you want to do, like working out and staying healthy and fit.
Let’s fix it now before it gets worse.

This Shoulder Saver Program focuses on exploring all movements of the shoulder joint, especially restoring stability within the joint itself, and releasing tension in tight, overactive muscles, like your pecs and traps.

We then focus on restoring proper range of motion and strengthening weak stabilizer muscles, so that you begin to feel what it’s like to finally be able to move with no pain again.

Your shoulder feels stable and strong.

After working with over several clients who have struggled with shoulder pain, I’ve learned the key exercises that you need to be able to stabilize your shoulder joint first and then keep it strong and sturdy. The exercises are strategically paired together in super-sets (which means you perform one of them, and then immediately the next one) so that you train your shoulders to feel strong, stable and sturdy.

What if you feel like you’re doing the exercises right?

I hear this alot. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re not doing the exercises right. So I’ve made sure that this program comes with video demonstrations so that you know you’re doing them right, and getting the most out of it.

You’ll also get the cues that I use with my clients to help them feel exactly what they should be feeling in each exercise.

Here's what everyone's saying about it:

My body has been feeling great and stronger/ more stable than it has in quite a while!
- Pat S.

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