5 Keys To Staying Athletic As You Age

April 18, 2023 | Jon Jorundson

This was a guest post that I wrote for Basketball Manitoba, view the full post here.

Let me draw this up for you.

It’s 7pm on a Wednesday night, inside the gym of your local community club.

You’re coaching your kid’s basketball team practice. 

Passing down the fundamental lessons of the game that you grew up playing so much of.

Glancing across the court, you catch a glimpse of the scoreboard.. It’s now 7:01, time to fire the kids up! 🔥

And of course… you HAVE to start with the 3-man weave drill, emphasizing passing skills and moving without the ball.

Your intention is to set the tone, and build the habit of intensity right from the start. And you know, that the best coaches lead by example.

But as you cross half court, you feel your knee buckle and you wince in pain knowing you tweaked it again (read; washed up athlete).

You grit your teeth and keep barking instructions as the other volunteer coach takes over and you hobble to the sideline hiding the fact that you can’t even really run anymore without being in pain.

Most importantly you hope your kid didn’t really notice. 😬

Here’s what happens next.

Read the full post here.

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